Butter Milk Secrets Revealed

Staying healthy and fit must be the priority of every individual. To achieve this goal we constantly experiment with our diet. We tend to add or remove food items that help us to achieve our goal.

One of the key ingredients to add to our diet is Butter Milk. Buttermilk is prepared by churning yogurt and little water together. In India, it is a common practice to consume buttermilk after lunch and dinner. To make buttermilk tastier, it is topped up with light spices. This adds to the nutritional value of buttermilk.

Butter Milk is a dairy item. Milk is turned into yogurt and this yogurt is then churned to attain the final product. People who are lactose intolerant should avoid buttermilk. Buttermilk contains saturated fats and health beneficiary bacteria which is helpful for our body.

Buttermilk has some amazing healing properties such as regulating acidity, improve digestion, maintaining optimum body temperature, increase strength, and lots more. Ayurveda stresses on end number of be…

Make your own Hand Sanitizer at Home (Alcohol Free)

Hand Sanitizer at Home
Due to the onset of CoronaVirus, personal hygiene is paid special attention. This means there has been a huge demand for sanitation material and equipment. Hand Sanitizer is one of the most important things used for personal sanitization. Since it is easy to carry around and offers instant protection, its an instant hit. 
Pouring a few drops of hand sanitizer and it effectively kills 99% of germs and infectious bacteria. However, due to the surge in demand for hand sanitizers, they are not so easily available in the medical stores. Even if you are able to procure one, it either may be costly or could be counterfeit.
Why make Hand Sanitizer at home? Leading hand sanitizers are alcohol-based which leaves your hand dry and rough. Repeated use can make your hands lose natural moisture eventually dry skin which may peel off. Apart from that these products are not suitable for children under the age of 5. Accidentally if they lick it this can cause stomach ache and vom…

Solve your Sleeping Problems Yourself with Ayurveda

Do you remember when you slept like a baby? 
Maybe after that hardcore party or when you were exhausted completely. Sleep issues are often the most common health issues across the globe.

Melatonin is one of the most important hormones secreted by the pineal gland. This is responsible for maintaining the body's sleep cycle. Healthy levels of melatonin mean an individual will have a good sleep.  Lifestyle, Food habits, environment are some of the factors that affect the production of melatonin. Imbalance of hormones hampers the sleep cycle which causes issues like Insomnia.

Below are some facts released by the American Sleep Association (ASA)
Source: American Sleep Association
Dark Circles, early aging are some of the signs of lack of sleep. There has been a lot of research made in the space of sleep. But before moving ahead to the solutions lets understand what are major factors affect our sleep.
Alcohol - It disrupts the sleeping patterns of the body to a great extend. Drinking it in l…



How to Treat Dry Eyes with Ayurveda

Dry Eyes is one of the most common concerns experienced by a large group of the population worldwide. It is often been ignored as a minor problem but can have severe results if left ignored. So what actually is the dry eye problem.

Individuals who have dry eye problems often experience eye redness, blurry vision, heavy eyes, and redness. I have met a couple of individuals who experience this problem and enquired about their lifestyle to exactly understand if I can identify the root cause behind the problem.

Most of these individuals were IT professionals who had more than 10+ hours of screentime. .While other individuals were those who wore contact lenses for most of their working period.  Remaining folks were those who worked in an open environment. 

Based on my research and study, below are some findings.

Screentime - It is the amount of time spent in front of the screen directly. This may be using laptops, cell-phones or even watching TV. Radiation from this screen causes strain on th…